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Should I treat Tabatha and Tabitha as the same character?

MAT13 wrote 20 days ago: 2

In this pilot episode which seems to be different from the actual series...

...main character is called Tabatha Stephens before they decided to change her name to Tabitha Stephens in the series.

I want to add the cast for that pilot (I watched it the other day) and just wanted to ask if it's alright to treat this Tabatha main character as the AKA name for Tabitha in the rest of the actual series? It is supposed to be the same character even though they renamed it.

Or should I treat these two as two separate characters as if these two stories are from two parallel universes? :P

wmulder wrote 20 days ago: 1

In Bewitched she was Tabitha already, there is no indication it was a parallel universe, so it is the same character.

Although since it is not part of the story line, it is probably not a significant special.

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