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Newbie on TV Maze wrote 20 days ago: 1

I am new there. I just discover TVMaze and created my account.
I made a website about cinema and I am looking for an API to display TV shows and i would like to have some infos.

- The API infos are available in different languages or only in english ?
- Can we display TV show for every country (my website recognize visitor from his ip address so if he comes from US, the infos given are infos for US, if he comes from France, the infos are for France ...)
- Is it possible to get TV shows by genre (only movies or only TV series ..).
Thanks for your answers to help me to begin with TVMaze

david wrote 18 days ago: 1

Hi there! Check out for all of our API documentation.

In short: show/episode summaries are always in English, show/episode titles are in their original language. You can use the schedule endpoint to return all episodes from a given country. And finally, searching by genre isn't possible.

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