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Parting Shot Episode

Parting Shot

But this is apparently what will (hopefully) spin Bobbi and Hunter off into Marvel's Most Wanted.

Salvage Episode


The careful depiction of the terrifying vastness of space alone continues to be worth some serious recognition...

It's also pretty obvious someone spent some serious time thinking this whole solar system through. Wow.

The Old College Try Episode

The Old College Try

And following one of my favorite Scorpion episodes so far had to be one of my least favorite: this. Despite some fun and funny character moments... wow. Every aspect they attempted to describe about "the quantum" was particularly painful. Not to want to take the show elitist or anything, but...

Does anyone ever care about the "science" of this genius-character show being remotely accurate or believable? Maybe it's just me...

Arrivals and Departures Episode

Arrivals and Departures

Despite the loss at the end, and even some of the plot-device ridiculousness (it's Super Bug!) along the way, this may still have been one of my favorite Scorpion episodes so far.