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Disabled, senior - has been pit bull-type dog advocate for 30+ years. Rescues, trains and adores Pitties/Staffies/Bullies as my Service Dogs. Said, "See you soon, Baby Girl" to my 13.5 yo Phoebe Amanda, my 2nd and amazing Service Dog. If not for my dogs, I don't think I'd be living independently still - they are a huge blessing in my life. Had a very difficult 5 to 7 years starting around 2013, had blackouts leading to concussions and more damage to an already painful, broken body. Phoebe taught herself how to keep me safe, but it was hard on both of us. Until then, we were pretty physically active, walked no less than 2 miles per day and had some great adventures! My dogs have taught me more than I ever could teach them! Getting better again, step by step, but improvement is not steady. Can be pretty flaky - sometimes active on a site, sometimes invisible. Grateful to have found TVMaze, besides enjoying life with dogs, watching TV Series and Movies, especially Indian Cinema and other foreign shows, helps to occupy my attention and teach me some that I'm missing by not really being "out in the world" much. Sites like this serve as my memory which has been badly damaged due to PTSD, Fibro, Lupus, chronic migraines, chronic pain or getting Old As Dirt - tee hee hee!

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Out of the Past Episode

Out of the Past

Best part of this episode was when Kovacs smeared his blood on the screen and Poe announced that he could now take advantage of all the customer amenities or actually the parts that played right after that. Yes, this looks good and I'm looking forward to S02 in a few days.

Episode 2 Episode

Episode 2

Beautiful, informative and well done documentary with many interesting animals, traditions, places and  people.  India is the most fascinating country to me!

The Magdalen Martyrs Episode

The Magdalen Martyrs

Best episode so far and I think it's because they were inspired by the real life story of the Magdalen Laundries.  Even in 1971, in the USA, treatment and opinion of unwed mothers was not too different. I was an UWMM (unwed, minor mother) and even though I was not in favor of treating anyone with such prejudice and cruelty, I still believe that we need a kind way to help young adults understand that, even though the practice is accepted now, it's far from being okay for anyone involved in having children outside of marriage. The marriage is the means where the commitment is made to stay together (even though that vow is seldom honored in 2020) as a family,  It's crazy to even think or argue that one parent can do the job of two.  Many single parents are excellent parents and some even raise content, successful children who become good adults and parents, but it's the exception rather than the rule.  If any young person is warned of the difficulties of choosing to be a single parent, through such real-life stories or anything written here, it's worth the time to speak out.

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