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The Unseen Episode

The Unseen

Yeah a mess of non coherent glimpses (as per usual), so you sit there thinking, "Okay, don't wanna tell us, then bugger off.
BUT, hey, family whole again, (when they find each other), new son acquired ;D
Next stop Liverpool, yes silly running of x 2, mom leaving daughter behind, being most; "nah not even in STUPID tv-land".
So Liverpool only reason, I can see. You ?

Resist Not Evil Episode

Resist Not Evil

And let me guess Anna runs away and get some more people killed. And why do they keep calling self defense murder?
Damn it's getting old. But still watching, so who's a sucker ? :D
Well i'm Tim Roth fan, since "Lie to me".

59 min. in, and ... Anna's running, hah hah.

Signal Loss Episode

Signal Loss

Evil cop shot, but not dead, i wonder what season 2 will be about, hm..., hope just as a theme, and not the hole damn season like this one.

Break, Break, Break Episode

Break, Break, Break

Yeah, BREAK i'm bored 200 hobs more, and revenge sex, zzz...
To be honest i get she's pissed, but really, lowest common denominator, AND whining.... and by the way SHE already kicked HIM to the curb. So, no more any of her business. Or put the ring back on, THEN kick his ass.

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