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Hello Tv Maze users!  Welcome to my profile.  I started using this website to help me keep track of all the various shows that I watch but I also love updating content here to help others find and connect with these shows as well.  Specifically, I love Asian series (especially Thai) and lgbt content.  My profile is public, so if you would like a recommendation, feel free to scroll through my followed shows.  

If you also have a passion for Thai television, feel free to chat with me!  I will continue to do my best to keep shows updated with accurate information.  Finding official ways to watch Thai series with subtitles can be challenging but watching through official channels helps the cast and crew to continue their work, so let's show them some love! 

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The End For The Appointment Episode

The End For The Appointment

Season 2 confirmed at the end of Episode 10! Now we just have to wait patiently to see the meaning of that cliff hanger.  

Episode 1 Episode

Episode 1

If you are here wondering where to watch HIStory4 Close To You... here is a little guide for you:
Taiwan: LineTV 
Japan: RakutenTV
Hong Kong, Singapore: Viu
Americas, Europe, India, Philippines: Viki

Hope this helps! 
Also, please be advised that on the original network, LineTV, 2 episodes are released each week.  However, on the other platforms the two episodes are combined to make one longer episode.

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