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Age of Easy Money Episode

Age of Easy Money

Sounds like a good followup to "The Power of the Fed",
The Expanse News

Amazon Studios picks up "The Expanse" for sixth and final season.

This came as a complete surprise to me, surely a show with such high production value would continue, or at least a full season wouldn't end? Especially considering the dismal choice of other shows. IMHO, so what if the series doesn't follow the books at this point, there are years of story lines that could be written even now. What a shame...
Snowpiercer News

'Snowpiercer' Series Adaptation Moves Back to TNT After Relocating to TBS

@WayneInNYC , I couldn't agree more, while there  is probably some internal bickering at those co-owned sister networks,  most of us viewers will have to search our channel guide to find either... channel 53 is no different than 37.

Sounds like they were just generating press/advertising more than trying to keep their channel's 413 loyal fans informed.


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