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JuanArango's talk page

Why go changing Naruto Shippuden episode titles back to English?

MAT13 posted 25 days ago

Our policy is to use original titles, especially when they first aired on Japanese or Korean TV. Forcing English episode titles is not in line with our policy, especially since they appeared years after the original airing.

JuanArango posted 25 days ago

yes, but as they have English titles on the official Blu-ray and DVD releases, they can be used, I checked this with david beforehand.

MAT13 posted 25 days ago

So English titles trump first airing's titles if they exist, even if they were released years after?

If you run those English blu-ray episodes, you will still see Japanese opening title for each episode, with English subtitle only.

Ah well, you may go ahead and change back all the 1000 of Meitantei Conan and original Naruto titles back to English if you will.


JuanArango posted 25 days ago

I will only do the Naruto ones. :)

MAT13 posted 23 days ago

I see you've changed seasons and episodes. It's hard to track up to which point I watched, now, lol. Your season 17 is incomplete. "True Ending" is the last one, then next season are fillers. You just need to adjust upper three numbers in that season ;))

MAT13 posted 23 days ago

Don't worry about it, fixed it for you.

Close Friends Scheduled for Deletion

JulienLiir posted 29 days ago

Hi Juan,

I saw that you marked Close Friends 3: Soju Bomb for deletion, but I believe this may have been in error.  Could you revisit this with me? 

Our policy says that a continuation that has no returning cast members should be a new entry.  Close Friends 3 has no returning cast members. The story is completely new and unrelated to the previous seasons.  Can we address this before the page is deleted? 
Keeping this series as a new entry would seem to be consistent with every other thai series of the same format like Club Friday or this example: 

Only if all of the following are true, the continuation should be part of the existing show entry:

The new network/web channel refers to the show as a continuation

The new network/web channel does not refer to the pilot as "season 1"

At least one of the previous show's creators or executive producers is involved with the continuation

At least one of the previous show's main cast members is starring in the continuation

In all other cases, a new show entry should be created.

Thanks for your help!

JuanArango posted 29 days ago

After reading what you said I have to agree with you and will revert what I have done, thank you :)

JulienLiir posted 29 days ago

Thanks, Juan! I really appreciate your help with this. :) 


Ledanto posted a month ago

Hi Juan :)

Help clarify the situation.
We are talking about a talk show, different celebrities come to it, celebrities are classified as “men's team”, “women's team”, “experts”, then there is a discussion of various issues between these three groups.
And so, the question. Is it necessary to indicate a celebrity as a character, for example, "women's team", and in the future all participants in the next issues should also be added there (as was done here: I think this is not correct because Data Policies states that "On TVmaze, a dedicated character entry (and thus a character page/guide) is created for each guest role".

Or would using a celebrity's name as a character name be enough? 

JuanArango posted a month ago

Either use the name of the celebrity or a dedicated character entry (and thus a character page/guide) is created for each guest role. :)

JuanArango posted a month ago

I will send the user a message now :)

ChrisAmon posted 24 days ago

Can you help me find the photo of actor Albert Owens and upload the photo of him?

Crime Scene Berlin

Spankad posted a month ago

u created my show request "Crime Scene Berlin". It's a new netflix show, which will be released in April.
Unfortunately u set the year to 2011 and created already 8 episodes for the show - all old. I guess there is some old documentary that had that name too, but i didn't mean that one.

What's the best way about this now? Clean this one up and make it ready for the new show or fix this one to be completely the 2011 stuff and create another new show for the new one?



WatchingTV posted a month ago

Hi Juan,

Just wanted to inform you that I replaced your summary here for the official netflix one as I found it to be more complete than the one that was copied from a third party.

Hope it won't be an issue for you ;)


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