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Interview with the Vampire News

"Anne Rice's Interview with the Vampire" Renewed for Season 3 at AMC/AMC+

@Nivekolsen wrote:
I just don't understand the point of tearing down a queer & black series (which has already received a lot of hate simply for being queer & black) publicly under a post about a season renewal - which is a celebratory moment for most fans of the series. Why not just move on with your day and leave the people who love this series to celebrate the season renewal? I agree, critique the series, but why do it under the season renewal post. 

Your comment was also not critical, it was simply "Why!!!!!", everyone is allowed to critique anything (obviously), I just don't understand what your comment was trying to accomplish, if anything. You also asked(?) why, to which I responded "It's a great queer and black led tv series", the emphasis was supposed to be on it being a great tv series, but I included the part about it being queer and black, as that has been a huge talking point since the series was made - not usually in favor of the decision. This series is queer and it is black - in it's roots - and for a lot of people that matters more than it might do to you, that's fine.

I hope you continue to enjoy watching The Boys and Evil, as am I. We don't have to agree on everything - and I am thankful we don't.

For God sake, will you let the identity,gender, alphabet people nonsense go... As you now know, my comments were based on the quality of the series, for which I am entitled to enter.   Do you really think that just by something being 'Diverse etc' we have to like it?, and if we don't were all 'haters' - don't you think that a bit extreme  as a descriptive? - How about 'Don't really like it" - That perhaps would sum it up better.

Why some people have to see only extremes in everything is beyond me - You just jumped on the bandwagon.

Why do you have to lead with Sexual and race based descriptions to emphasize what a TV show is like?, You could also mention, some cast are American, French and the sets are quite good (which is some cases they are) - as if race and sex determines how good a show is - How bizarre.

Also, as a final note.... I am Gay, so not sure how I fit into your hatred sphere?



Interview with the Vampire News

"Anne Rice's Interview with the Vampire" Renewed for Season 3 at AMC/AMC+

@Nivekolsen wrote:
It's a great queer and black led tv series, that's why. If you don't like the series, you're welcome to excuse yourself from watching it - as opposed to spreading hate towards a show representing those already oppressed groups of people. Hope this helps. 🤷‍♂️

Thank you for the political, diverse an obvious agenda based comment - funny how everything come down to this for some people.

My 'Why' comment was based on the rather flimsy and somewhat repetitive story line,compared to the original movie, the acting is 'trying' at best, and the characters I personally believe are hollow, when compared to the likes of the original cast - whom, I do believe also tendencies towards the artistic, but as a viewer, that never bothered me.

Hopefully before you post your own message and introduce the word 'hate', you should realize that this is a TV forum (television, not the other one) and comments from user's are based on their personal opinions of a shows, and how they choose to comment and identify is entirely a matter for them, and they should be able to make such comment without words such as 'Hate and Oppression' raising there very ugly heads.

So, please defer from you hateful comment and remember its only TV (Television...not the other one) :)

Doctor Who News

BBC names actor as next Doctor Who star

Being an avid doctor fan since Jon Pertwee, and having even watched the William Hartnell incarnation (b/w) I feel I have just got 'fed up' with this whole series.

People mention the writing, but the old series used to be spread across maybe 4-6 episodes so you'd have something to look forward to each Saturday, but now since the reboot it's all crammed into a single episode, so if you miss one, so what!

On top of that, especially since the writing of 'Chibnal' we seem to have 50+ minutes of TV, but about 25 minutes of that is focused on 'make me aware", which has lead to pathetic story lines,and historically inaccurate as well as introducing some aspects of sexuality, diverse or not, which is totally unnecessary and really ends up being a 'filler' for an episode that is only 25 minutes long.

Thank God the BBC license fee will be coming to an end!

For some reason the media seem to think that a lot of Dr Who fans were opposed to Jodie Whitaker because she was a woman - They weren't, there have been many Time Lords, that were women, such as Romana, who was a great character, but the Doctor is the Doctor, and why are people constantly trying to fix what isn't broken.

I heard some fantastic names being mentioned, such as Martin Sheen, Hugh Grant etc.,which made me look forward to re-kindling my love for this series - but sadly no - lets be diverse!! - for god sake, it's set in space and time - how many aliens do you need to be diverse?? - Do Daleks have this issue? - "oh look, he's painted Red, Shouldn't he be Silver?.. No.

Why are they not making changes elsewhere, such as Russell Brandt to play Richard Prior, of Colin Firth playing Malcolm X, or even Liam Neeson as Nelson Mandella

Enjoy this coming series -It will be the last as the sale of merchandising will be zero.

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