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Forsythe is a pen name and reference to Forsythe Pendleton Jones III (aka Jughead). Forsythe has been watching shows forever and has a wide interest when it comes to genres. Favourite genres though are fantasy, horror, science fiction, and animation. An attempt will be made to rate and comment on all episodes watched. The ratings aren't just based on feelings but an actual rating system.

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Second Contact Episode

Second Contact

I found the first episode of this show quite charming. The main characters are fun and intriguing. I'm not as familiar with the Star Trek canon as I want to be, but I love how they've portrayed Tendi and her species in this episode. Overall, the tone takes a bit of getting used to. Obviously this is a Star Trek show— you can tell by the the theme, the characters, the aesthetic, the references, etc.— but also because of the pacing and the type of humour it has this modern cartoon/Rick and Morty (without the nihilism) feel that takes some getting used to.  It's very strange but also very fun. And on top of that this episode has a zombie-like outbreak that adds a dash of horror to the mix (not enough to make you uncomfortable unless you really can't stand any horror). I'm not sure what to expect from future episodes but the series has lots of potential. 

The Frozen Forest Episode

The Frozen Forest

This is a pretty solid episode. The plot is decent and where the characters are at the start of the season makes sense. But for whatever reason it just seemed to lack something and I can't place what.

Warrior Episode


This really deserves the 9.8 average it has now as I'm typing this. Even though lots of plot points in this series have been spoiled for me through the years, it was still a heart-stopping episode. I can't even imagine what it must have been like for people who watched it for the first time without knowing certain details.

In Blackest Night (1) Episode

In Blackest Night (1)

After the cool invaders from Secret Origins, the Manhunters are kind of a letdown to be honest. I'm not familiar with Green Lantern at all though so the trial is an interesting way to be introduced to his world.

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