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Dayjob is that of an Infrastructure Engineer in the IT industry. I enjoy watching 'whodunnit?' type of TV shows in my free time. Like the action, suspense and drama associated with it. Other than that, I suppose I'm a fairly dull person but that's cool with me.

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The Series Finale Episode

The Series Finale

WTF?? A week before this episode will air for the first time ever and 5 imbeciles already voted it down to a 6.4 out of 10 rating without watching it.

Pilot Episode


This series also follows the "who dunnit" guidelines where an outsider with above-normal abilities/talents assist a law enforcement agency to solve the crime of the day. Having just watched the pilot episode I can say that I really enjoyed it. The story line was good, no real holes in the plot and decent acting. I also like the way that they explain the science to the viewer a la CSI Las Vegas style with the special effects. This series looks very promising and I hope it will last way beyond 2 seasons seeing at it is with CBS and not Fox....

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