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In Florida, USA.  Cut cord 2016. Do not watch regular TV. I watch US Network channel (ABC, CBS, CW, NBC) shows on their websites a day or 8 days after airing. Amazon Prime too but am member for other than video purposes. Netflix on and off as needed. Same with Acorn TV, Britbox etc.   

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Debris News

‘Debris’ Canceled After One Season at NBC

@Trim3 wrote:
The writing left something to be desired, all the new agey touchy feely pseudo-religious nonsense, but I watched it anyway since decent sci fi shows are so rare. Oh, well, one more reason to cancel NBC.

Agree, same here. Except I just waited a day and watched it for free on their website.

 I have not had TV in years. I watch delayed on CBS, ABC, NBC, CW. They delay a day (or abc a week) and usually keep the last 5 episodes available. Works for me. 

In the Name of the Father Episode

In the Name of the Father

Blue Bloods s11 e2: Erin to Anthony: Just because I win, doesn't mean I cheat.  That really struck me! 

Cash Flow Episode

Cash Flow

NCIS LA s12e4

Geeze.  I get "stupid criminals" but this ep and recent ones take the cake.  There is nothing funny about them. Is this series now a comedy? Dropped it before....would again now but slim pickens out there at the moment.

Pilot Episode


Big Sky, pilot. Just awful.

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