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In Florida, USA.  Cut cord 2016. Do not watch regular TV. I watch US Network channel (ABC, CBS, CW, NBC) shows on their websites a day or 8 days after airing. Amazon Prime too but am member for other than video purposes. Netflix on and off as needed. Same with Acorn TV, Britbox etc.   

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Prodigal Son Episode

Prodigal Son

@SANNYa wrote:
Who deleted the release date?

Dunno, but I read this ep was pulled because of the school shooting in Uvalde Tx late May. The episode is still not available on Paramount Plus as of June 17th either. Maybe they will add it there before/when the next season starts.

Girls' Night Episode

Girls' Night

Resident Alien, Season 2 Ep 3:  I was on my way out after just the 1st episode of this new season. Tried to stick with it after another 1.5 episodes, I had to stop and say buh-bye. It was like watching a whole different show with characters getting more and more just plain stupid. 


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