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The One About the End of the World Episode

The One About the End of the World

I think the season has been amazing.

There is/has been so many legal shows..this has pushed the  limits with outrageous and funny storylines.

Michael Sheen? So funny!

Wexler v. Goodman Episode

Wexler v. Goodman

Probably the most surprising/devastating last line on any tv show this season.

Loved it.

After the Fire Episode

After the Fire

Amazing Episode!

However saying that [spoiler]..the end of the episode having Randall guilt [?] his Mother into promising to take the clinical trial was a little off.

The therapist having drawn out that he still felt residual anger with Rebecca about not telling him about his birth father...results in him phoning Rebecca telling her, he's been a good son and never asked for anything...then telling her she should do the trial...

Maybe it's just a prompt for more some point we know Kevin and Randall are not on speaking terms..maybe it's from this.

Knowing This is Us there's a long term payoff here, there always is...Randall has a lot of issues on display..

Bonus: The appearance of Better Things Pamela Adlon as the therapist was great..the perfect Rebecca substitute.