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TonyMayhew's talk page

Tom and Jerry

BaruchLalaev posted 5 months ago

Hi. can you add the Tom and Jerry the original show to the site?

TonyMayhew posted 5 months ago

If you want a show added, please use the "Request a Show" link located at the bottom right hand side of every page on TVmaze.

Susan Calman's Grand Week by the Sea

porshipman posted a year ago

Please check the episode order with the Channel 5 page, the order there differs slightly from the one posted here

TonyMayhew posted a year ago

Hya, I added the episode order in accordance to the way they were initially scheduled to air. Of course, schedules can, and often do, change. I'm not watching the series myself (Not my kinda thing), but please feel free to adjust the running order to match to how it is airing if you are more familiar with it :)

The Masked Singer UK poster question

Magitroopa posted a year ago

Hi there. I see that you uploaded this image back on February 3 of this year. Would just like to know where you obtained this image from if possible. I've been trying to find the main source for it, but I've only been finding the same image (through Google) on user-contributed sites such as this or IMDb. Any clue where the 'official' version of the image is located? Perhaps some sort of official social media account and/or website of The Masked Singer UK or ITV?

Thanks in advance.

TonyMayhew posted a year ago

Gosh, that was a while ago, lol. It would have either come from the ITV press pack, Twitter, or good old Google. Sorry, I can't be more specific at this time.

MasterChef Australia

Talvi posted 3 years ago

I have to ask, why do you keep re-naming MasterChef Australia episodes with names that do not conform to the naming convention that's been in place for 10 years?

Law & Order: SVU - S20E23 Rubber Room

wmulder posted 3 years ago

Hi Tony, S20E23 of original series was titled Rubber Room, is this a coincidence?

TonyMayhew posted 3 years ago

Hya, absolutely no idea! The titles were imported from tvdb

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