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Past Perfect Episode

Past Perfect

After the disappointing previous episode (too focused, the flow and speed and tension of the series was broken) I was hoping it would go back. For the first half it didn't, but the end made up for that. Back on track, I hope!

The Queen Episode

The Queen

Weird episode, Ruth's memories only, some of which we had already seen. This could have been mixed with other parts of the storylines.

Indivisible Episode


Were the writers in a hurry? Some uncharacteristic behaviour and unlogical and unexplained reactions in the storyline here and the previous episodes.

A Cold Day in Hell's Kitchen Episode

A Cold Day in Hell's Kitchen

Although I liked season 1, season 2 was not as good. Matt's character remains flat. He loses big time several times but wins the predictable ones. He keeps making the same mistakes. Elektra's accent, has that gone worse? It started to bother me at times. And what is it about the love for a city? Couldn't they think of something modern? It's too 1950s'comics. I'm over the Marvel series, unless they make a third Jessica Jones...