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Do Not Resuscitate Episode

Do Not Resuscitate

As a rule, I don't watch shows with kids, particularly teenagers in the main cast. That's just a whole passel of clichés I don't want to deal with. Enter Mary, previously my favorite character in the series, now with her exchanges with Cmdr. Kane, it seems she's become our obligatory rebellious teen. I'm also not especially fond of "the love interest", now if two characters hit it off then so be it. But to create a character with the primary intent of having the main character be in a relationship (or the more common/annoying fall in love) with them, well that I hate with a white hot passion. So the Alice angle has bored me before it's even gotten properly started. I really wanted to like Ryan, I did but the more I see of her the harder it is.

Fair Skin, Blue Eyes Episode

Fair Skin, Blue Eyes

So Ryan is the Raymond Reddington of Gotham, where she's just generally aware of, or connected to all of the local criminals. I mean if done right that could work, but it won't be done right. Not particularly looking forward to the whole roommate situation. There's only so much of a one dimensional psychopath one can take before it stops being fun, so let's hope that flashback is a sign of character growth for Alice.

Fingers crossed that Neetu Garcha's carrer grows beyond reporter or journalist. Hopefully one day she can be billed as "anchorwoman".

The Wellstone Agency Episode

The Wellstone Agency

Years ago when Red and Liz went on the run I wondered if they would change the nature of the show and have it be about life on the blacklist. They're bending over backwards to make sure Liz can return to her job but I find the prospect of her going full blacklist far more entertaining than her whining about the task force doing Red's dirty work.

Shame they shut down the Wellstone Agency, that could have been a nice little side story for Aram every now and then.

I'm really enjoying Park's "outburst". Looking forward to when Red calls in that chit.

The Mandalorian News

Gina Carano fired from Star Wars series "‘The Mandalorian" By LucasFilm

@jwalker6321 wrote:
At least 80 million Americans agree with her.

80M, Where are you getting that from? No to be pedantic but Trump only got 74M votes. And just as the majority of people who voted for Biden aren't social justice warriors, the majority of people of voted for Trump aren't culture warriors. I spend a fair amount of time around the 2A crowd, a notoriously conservative bunch, and while many piss and moan about "the media" "hollywood" and various "elites", I've yet to meet one who would go so far as to compare themselves with victims of the holocaust. Of course there are people of who agree with her, perhaps even millions but 80M is just silly.

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