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Highland Wedding Episode

Highland Wedding

When they were in the stairwell of Sandra's apartment building I almost quit watching. You're surrounded by a crazed mob that wants to kill you and you stop to go over your relationship status! Not what I signed up for when I started watching show about a morally ambiguous mercenary. I mean there's growth, which I insist on, then there's change which isn't always for the best. Now with them married are we to expect more time devoted to domestic squabbles should the series be renewed?

Cherished Episode


Overall it was decent. The pacing felt a bit rushed especially in this final episode. And you spend the entire series building up to this epic showdown with a few increasingly calculated kills as a test of mettle along the way, only to then fallback on the emotional woman card in the end. But it had the best aspects of a western, which is to say, they had a specific story they wanted to tell and they told it, nothing felt like filler. No love triangles, no spoiled kids or hormonal teens, no existential mental crisis requiring prolonged introspection. Nope, none of that, just a good ol' fashioned revenge flick filled with characters who knew exactly who they were and what they stood for.

Go West, Old Man Episode

Go West, Old Man

Considerable more comedic than I was expecting. Feels like they were going for a Reacher-esque vibe but overshot it. The ATF agent has favorite character potential for me. Sheridan has done right by me over the years, so I look forward to seeing how this develops.

Hedgehunter Episode


Like Power Book IV before it, this show just killed the character with with biggest personality and my primary reason for watching.

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