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TVmaze Launched!

Hi there,

If you're reading this article, that means we're finally open to the public. 

Before we talk about TVmaze it might be interesting to know who created the site. Behind the curtains there isn't a big company but a small group of friends. Friends who just happen to be TV fanatics and spend way too much time watching and looking up information about the shows they love.

We are addicted to the medium and consume it like no other. This addiction is also one of the driving forces behind the creation of TVmaze. But there is another reason why we embarked on this endeavour.

After years of going through the information provided on other sites, some of us started noticing quite a few inconsistencies between the information provided by the different TV related sites we frequented. What often seems to happen with this information, is that it's taken from one single source with little to no verification and then presented to the user as fact.

With that in mind, we got together to create a beautiful website that compares all the different sources on the web and combines it with the knowledge of a team of TV enthusiasts. This ensures that anything you look up on TVmaze will likely be more accurate than any other site you'll ever visit.

So, after lots of hard work, we are proud to present you TVmaze!

Of course the fact that we're open doesn't mean our work here is done! We already have a lot of exciting new features in the pipeline, but most of all we'd like to hear from you, our users, what you are looking for. Register for an account (it'll only take a few seconds!) and leave some feedback here or in our forums, and we'll be sure to listen.


- The TVmaze team

Written by Jan on Oct 1, 2014


Jordi0686 posted 9 months ago

Very nice site

scarlettivy posted 4 years ago

Room for improvement for sure but not bad for a newish tv tracker site.

loquiroz posted 4 years ago

Great great site. I love it.

I remembered old series and began to see new series.

Thank you tvmaze team

drosso46561 posted 4 years ago

I don't know what the basic site was when it first went online, but I like what I have seen so far 2 years later. I have only been active on the site for 2 days as of this writing but I find it great for following shows I watch and being able to mark what episodes I have watched in once place.

Jan posted 4 years ago

Hi Zoebug98, thanks. :)

zoebug98 posted 4 years ago

TVmaze is a really great source for TV information.

Thank you for creating TVmaze and Happy belated 1st Anniversary! :D

Melissa posted 4 years ago

TVmaze really amaze!
Everyone can easily find here a correct information,
or can himself easily correct the found information. :)
Great job has been already done here,
but as the creators promised, they are perfecting the site every day
and really listening to the users and responding ASAP.
Thank you, TVmaze team!

MichaelDeBoey posted 4 years ago

This site is really amazing!
Would love to help develop it if that's possible?

Carra89 posted 4 years ago

Great site guys!

Thanks for creating this and I love all the stats you can see about your tv history.
I have watched whey too many hours of television in my life :)

Thanks guys!

Jan posted 5 years ago

Hah, and so it begins. :)

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