Thirteenth Doctor Revealed


The BBC have announced that the thirteenth doctor will be Jodie Whittaker. This will cause quite a stir as Jodie will be the first female taking the lead role in Doctor Who.

She was revealed in a Doctor Who trailer that was broadcast on BBC One at the end of the Wimbledon men's singles final. The Broadchurch star succeeds Peter Capaldi, who took the role in 2013 and leaves in this year's Christmas special. Jodie will make her debut on the show this Christmas.


Please do share your thoughts and comments about the first female Doctor, below.

Written by TonyMayhew on Jul 16, 2017


JayBansal1994 posted 8 months ago

I can't believe that Bradley Walsh will be playing one of Jodie's 3 companions in the 11th series of Doctor Who

mnphotochic posted 10 months ago

It's about time! Years ago, at a convention in Bloomington, MN, Peter Davidson said that the Doctor could never be a woman and yet it's happening!

In humans, all males have a little bit of female in them internally. If this is also true for Galifreyans (sp?), than having the Doctor regenerate to be in a female body seems to be a natural progression.

munksy posted 11 months ago

Not sure if this is going to work, But going to watch it and make up my own mind.

BeVar posted 11 months ago

a surprise.

Jinxy1961 posted 11 months ago

Here are some of my thoughts on this subject.

First off over the years that I've been watching this series, never and I repeat NEVER has the doctor ever said he had always regenerated into a man. There has been hints and off handed comments made with the years that The Doctor was not always even in human form. Also how many times have we heard about children , grandchildren and so forth of The Doctor? Are we to assume that they were all done by a male Doctor? I don't believe that, after all we have seen story lines where the Time Lords were hurt and regenerated into different genders. Not to mention The Master, who I remember went through 4 regeneration's, and the last was a female named Missy. So why the big deal about The Doctor finally being shown as a woman for once on tv?

I know in the past it seems the powers that be assume that when it comes to war, brutality and the horrors that can be found that only a "man" can handle such things and the women need and must be protected at all cost. WHAT? Really?? Come on folks when throughout our history , mankind's, women have led many battles, were more brutal and found unique ways to really bring the pain to mankind. After all if one looks around you can see many countries have had women in the military ranks for well over a 100 years. Some I'm sure even older than that and all have seen combat. Its time to remove those stereotypes that the film industry seems to enjoy putting genders into certain set boxes of behavior.

I for one look forward to seeing what the new writers will do with this new Doctor and where they will go in the future.

AJakof posted 11 months ago

Every time a new doctor regenerates, people are crying out loud, that the only real doctor was [insert your favorite doctor here], and the new one could not possibly replace the old one. And guess what: They were never supposed to!

Nonetheless it is nothing new, that people are shouting now. However it is a shame, that they are focusing on gender instead of the usual stuff. Missy set the precedence that regenerations are not bound to the same gender, so to all you "the doctor is a man"-guys: Get over it and give her the same chance, as you gave all the others before her! I don't know her, but as far as I know, she is supposed to be a good actress.

I think, a woman may bring a whole lot of new possibilities to the character. Just think about the scene(s), when the doctor discovers him-/herself, that she is a woman now. He might have gotten used to being a man just as much as the audience has. He knows intellectually, that it could happen, but discovering for herself that it happened is something entirely different and I expect a lot of fun to watch.

VladimirZimin posted a year ago

All the jokes about female doctor are already not funny:)

RubyNyu posted a year ago

After two boring seasons, they have gotten my interest.

R.Ed_W posted a year ago

Still NOT Ginger.

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