Final Renew/Cancel for FOX 2017-18 season

FOX upfront call was this afternoon. No mention of LA To Vegas or Ghosted during the call, so safe to assume both shows were canceled.



Bob's Burgers


Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Canceled (picked up by NBC)





The Exorcist


Family Guy


The Four: Battle For Stardom


The Gifted





Renewed (final season)

Hell's Kitchen




Masterchef Junior


LA to Vegas


Last Man On Earth


Lethal Weapon




The Mick


New Girl

Canceled (final season)

The Orville


The Resident


Showtime at the Apollo


The Simpsons


So You Think You Can Dance (summer)




The X-Files


Written by LadyShelley on May 14, 2018


mpflipper posted 2 days ago

@Sc00ter @Sabriny84: The show creators and Warner bros tv are trying to find a new network for Lucifer... their best bet is with one of the streaming services.. that is why the cast and creators have asked fans to tweet as often as you can with the #SaveLucifer and #PickUpLucifer and maybe mention Netflix and/or Hulu in those tweets ;-)

Sc00ter posted 4 days ago

OMG! The ONLY reasons I turn on Fox at all, LA to Vegas and Lucifer, both gone? Tell me it ain't so.

Sabriny84 posted 6 days ago

What?????!?!?!??!?!?! They cancelled Lucifer?????? WHHHAAATTTT????? After THAT season finale? I can't believe it.

mpflipper posted 7 days ago

@EPzL6ah9A6hSvAX6884HJ Yes I know there might be many reasons why a show gets cancelled. And often the viewers can feel it coming too.. the show starts to get boring, you loose interest, don't watch it right away...or not at all anymore...and for some shows, after 8 or 10 seasons it's just time to end it (Like Scandal)... it's the right thing to do rather then let the show bleed out..
But nobody saw this cancellation coming.. If you take a look at the twitter and instagram accounts of the actors you can see that they are all deeply upset. None of the actors had other offers or were ready to leave..even the writers said that they had made such a huge cliffhanger that it would be impossible for the network to cancel them..They were even talking about making season 4 somewhat "darker" !
So nobody saw this coming... And the social media storm that has taken place since the announcement with over 5 million tweets using the hashtag #SaveLucifer and #PickUpLucifer shows that there is a huge fan base that doesn't want to see this show go just yet... Who knows maybe hulu or netflix will pick the show up for 1 or 2 more seasons... The creative team has announced that warnerbros tv is doing everything they can to get the show a new home... Time will tell I guess !

gmpugs posted 7 days ago

Dang, La To Vegas got cancelled. :(

mamudoon posted 8 days ago

No surprise X-Files got canned.

EPzL6ah9A6hSvAX6884HJ posted 8 days ago

I'm not sure I like Lucifer as much as mpflipper, but I do like the show very much. There are, however, other reasons why shows are cancelled and/or one or more cast members replaced; especially when it comes to shows that are so good.

Stars may get other, more lucrative offers. It is quite possible, given that the entire cast is so good, that too many of the cast members received offers that the producers were unwilling or unable to match. Stars often get tired of playing the same roles, wish to expand their horizons or simply have other things which occur making them unable to return.

There are many reasons besides a show not being good or popular which cause the producers to cancel the show.

mpflipper posted 8 days ago

LA to Vegas.. when I saw the teaser before the show started I though.. nah.. ain't gonna be good.. But it surprised me.... Am I bummed that it got cancelled ? No not that much.. it was fun to watch but I'm not going to miss it !! Brooklyn nine nine.. didn't even make it through the first season.. let's just say not my kind of humor.... so how they can get picked up by another channel is beyond me.. but to each it's own I guess...

What I am bummed about is them cancelling Lucifer !!!! OMG one of the best shows on Fox (Next to Empire) and they cancel it ??? That show had so much potential yet.. and the cast was so great ! One of the few shows where I loved every single cast member... they all had such great chemistry on screen.

And yet they gave New Girl yet another season ?? I quit watching that after the 4th season... I was truly done with that show by then and it's boring never ending back and forth between Nick and Jess... on again off again...that was fun for 2 seasons and then it became tedious !! Winston and Coach were never funny to begin with.. Cece and Schmidt were the only two keeping me watching by the time season 4 came..I struggled through season 4 and then called it quits.... haven't missed it since !
Happy to see The Resident was renewed and also 9-1-1 !! Gotham also renewed ?! Well I always loved that show.. but I did start to watch this season.. and quickly lost interest after episode 3 or 4.. I did dvr all of this seasons episodes.. but have not watched them yet.. and that is a sign that a show is loosing it's right to exist for me... because the shows that truly excite me, I want to watch as soon as I get the chance..I won't leave them on the dvr for too long.. certainly so long that I have like 10 episodes backed up !!
I'd rather they had cancelled Gotham and given Lucifer another season....praying that another channel might #savelucifer !!!

SilverSurfer posted 8 days ago

I'll disagree on LA To Vegas, Ghosted, sure, how it was handled labeled it as DSW (Dead Show Walking) but I still think there is a chance they work out another mid-season short order season 2 ... more bragging right on the line here! ;)

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