"Terms of Service" – DC's Legends of Tomorrow S04E15 Review

And so we get another penultimate episode, in the same week that Arrow and Flash wrap things up. And "Terms of Service" does a lot of things that make penultimate episodes... penultimaty.

Adam Tsekhman, DC's Legends of Tomorrow S04E15

Gary is having his wishes fulfilled by Fairy Godmother. Which include a third nipple, his own office, and a massage. He then wishes to be the captain of Waverider, which sets off most of the comedy in the episode as he has Sara, Ava, Mick, and Nate teleported aboard and forced to fulfill his deepest desires. Which are Ava and Sara Charleston-ing, Mick as a big baby, and Nate as a high school nerd.

Before Mick and Nate get taken, they team up with Charlie and Zari to find out what Neron is up to in Ray's body. Neron is distributing a new app and buried in the terms of service (hey, catchy title!) is the fine print that the user sells his soul to Hell. This will let Neron become the king of Hell, and he plans on using the magical fugitives to raise public panic so that people get the app which will let them report magical creatures.

When Mick and Nate get whisked away, Charlie and Zari are on their own. They go to Zari's 2019 home for no particular reason except it lets Zari accidentally leave the dragon egg there. Her younger self (Gracelyn Awad Rinke) finds it and puts it away for safekeeping until it hatches. Charlie then uses her shapeshifting to sneak into the Time Bureau and free the magical creatures. They escape, but she gets captured by Neron who plans to use her to set off the monster panic with the help of Fairy Godmother (Jane Carr).

Courtney Ford, DC's Legends of Tomorrow S04E15

In yet another plot, Fairy Godmother convinces Nora to take on her power and become Fairy Godmother so she can save Mona's life, after Mona is injured trying to escape Neron. FG neglects to mention that the powers and the Fairy Godmother-dom are bonded to Gary, and Nora gets teleported away to Waverider. Where Gary wishes her to go to Hell to rescue Constantine.

In yet another another plot that seems totally unattached from everything else going on, Constantine is in Hell and sets up a meeting with Satan, Belial, and Beelzebub, the current Triumvirate ruling in Hell, so they'll let him go and return with Ray's soul so he can stop Neron from usurping their power. But the Triumvirate decide that tormenting Constantine is better. They reveal that Astra (Olivia Swann), the girl that Constantine failed to save from Hell, is all grown up and eager to help torture him. But not before Constantine chooses to save Astra's soul over Ray's when they only let him choose one.

This part reads more like a pilot for a Constantine solo series. Which the CW may be doing, but right now they're too busy pushing the upcoming Batwoman series.

Amy Pemberton, Adam Tsekhman, DC's Legends of Tomorrow S04E15

Overall, "Terms of Service" is a mishmash of various comedic plot elements. You've got Adam Tsekhman hamming it up, the Legends suffering various comedic misfortunes, Constantine snarking his way through Hell, and the team mustering its forces to prepare for a final showdown with Neron. All the actors are still good, and even Amy Pemberton gets to do more than exposit as Gary pokes at Gideon's holographic head projection, and Gideon giggles along.

If I had to pick a MVP, it would be Adam Tsekhman. Credit to the actor for still remaining endearing, humorous, and sympathetic despite playing an unlikeable nerd-jerk.

So overall, a good episode. If anything, it seems a bit too stuffed with material and the Constantine/Hell plot seems unrelated to everything else that is going on. Neron could be any Big Bad: the fact that he's working to become King of Hell by amassing enough souls is pretty much secondary. The Constantine parts of DC's Legends seem very dedicated to selling a Constantine solo series. And don't get me wrong: Matt Ryan is a great Constantine, and the whole Hell side trip portrays him in top form. It just makes it seem like often season 4 of DC's Legends is an extended pilot for the Constantine series. The whole thing is a bit tiring after a while. If they want him to be a regular, just make him a regular.

But that's just my opinion, I could be wrong. What do you think?

Written by Gislef on May 14, 2019


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