Black Friday & Cyber Monday are on their way.

Holy moly!!!!

TVmaze. The most reliable TV meta data provider (and coolest community) on the web has turned 5 years old.
To celebrate this we're giving out our biggest Premium discount (50% off) on Black Friday.

And to make it clear what you're getting yourself into, we've added a "small" list of what's in Premium, its benefits, and where that money goes towards.

What Premium means for you:

What Premium means for us:

What have we accomplished this year?

What we want to accomplish in 2020

Well that kind of sums it up.
Thanks for using TVmaze and taking the extra step to make it even better.

Enough already, take my money

P.S. The offer is currently running and it will end on Tuesday after Cyber Monday.

Written by Jan at Nov 25, 2019


Jan posted 7 days ago


I've sent you a pm. Getting the issue resolved.



RedStarsown posted 7 days ago

I renewed my silver subscription October 13, 2019 for $60. for a year. It says that gold is now $60.for a year I switched it to gold and just got charged $52.13 and my subscription still expires October 13, 2020, or one year. So in effect I just paid the FULL price for the year and got no discount. Something is not right with this.Please fix it.

Jan posted 8 days ago

Thanks for the support FHFbVB1Mkd3,

We're going to hodl that. Here's to another 5 years. :)

FHFbVB1Mkd3 posted 8 days ago

Prepaid 5 years of Gold :) (with bitcoin - manually processed.) Great time to get premium with this offer!

Obv mostly to support TVmaze. Thanks for the site guys! I liked the improvements this year too.

Jan posted 9 days ago


Check the pm I sent you.

@ahatheway. I need to check to be 100% sure but what I think will happen is: it will only have impact on the time left in your running Premium. It will not add an additional year.
David or I will pm you about this once we've looked into it. and either way we'll figure something out. :)



ahatheway posted 9 days ago

I have a Bronze level now that expires next June 30, 2020. If I update now will it extend another year past June 30? What if I upgrade to Silver? Thanks!

gadgeTT posted 10 days ago

I was just charged full price for an annual renewal on the same day I read about the Black Friday sale (the day before Turkey Day).... Oh well.

Jan posted 10 days ago

@Drewcosten check the PM I sent you. ;)

drewcosten posted 10 days ago

I was literally just charged full price for a renewal on Saturday, but no worries, I’m happy to help support the cause. :)

Jan posted 12 days ago

Thanks SilverSurfer, added at the end.

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