Wayne Dream Team

Emily tries to motivate her team, but they're too busy with Super Hero Fantasy League so she goes to HR. Meanwhile, Jackie deals with Van after he realizes that he's not in the Wayne Dream Team picture.


By Gadfly on Feb 10, 2017

Emily and Jackie are going to a street vendor to get Danishes street and Emily insists on talking about her new apartment. Jack-O-Lantern flies over and blasts everything, destroying the vendor's cart. When Emily and Jackie get to work, they arrive at the conference room with the others. Van talks about how he stayed in an ice hotel in Greenland at a Wayne Industries Management Retreat, and they're green-lighting the team's anti-rubble umbrella. Emily says that they'll have it done by the end…

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Episode Discussion

WilliamDAGwood posted a year ago

This was a long 22 minutes. After two episodes, I'm done.

vidomark posted a year ago

well it was definitely better than the pilot

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