The Miserable Mill: Part One

The children make their way to the Lukcy Smells Lumbermills, and discover that their parents are believed to have burned down the nearby town. The Baudelaires are put to work, and Klaus soon falls under the hypnotic spell of Dr. Orwell.


By Gadfly on Feb 5, 2017

After the Baudelaires sneak away on the lumbermill truck, Poe panics because they're gone. He figures that they have to act without delay... once he gets free samples at Crock O'Chowder. The truck drives to the mill and Klaus studies the photo. The driver finally notices them, pulls over, and orders them off. The Baudelaires have no choice but to walk through the forest to the mill, Lucky Smells Lumbermill is surrounded by burned ruins and a large wall. Violet and Klaus try to work out how to…

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JCuervo_a posted 8 months ago

I'm just here waiting for a HIMYM reunion between Count Olaf and Mother, haha.

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