Chapter 5

David finds a way for him and Syd to touch, and then goes off to rescue Amy on his own. Meanwhile, Cary realizes what the Devil is.


By Gadfly on Mar 9, 2017

At Summerland, Cary watches as the team brings the injured Kerry in. Melanie calls David over and he says that he met her husband Oliver. Meanwhile, Cary tends to his sister. Later, David is meditating on the dock when Syd comes over and says that Cary got the bullet out of Kerry and stopped the bleeding. She tells David that they did some digging into David's past, and David says that he knows what he is. He appears telepathically in her mind and says that he's the magic man, and tells her t…

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JuanArango posted a year ago

This is definitely the most unconventional superhero show that I ever saw and I am loving it :)

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