Deceptive Little Parasite

The dean of a prestigious elementary school is murdered, and all the clues suggest that she knew her killer. Meanwhile, Lucifer realizes that he needs to tap into his deep emotions to ignite Azrael's Blade and return his family to Heaven.


By Gadfly on May 9, 2017

As Lucifer pours himself a drink, Charlotte tells Amenadiel that they need Lucifer to show them Azael's Blade. Lucifer smashes his hand into the wall and pulls out the Blade, and Charlotte figures that God hid it in plain sight rather than destroy it. she says that only Lucifer can ignite it when he's angry, and Lucifer tries to summon his anger over God. Nothing happens, and Charlotte says that Lucifer has to apply himself and get angry. Amenadiel punches Lucifer and nothing happens, and Lucife…

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JuanArango posted a year ago

Mazikeen so owned the grieving party :)

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