God Johnson

An orderly is murdered at a psychiatric hospital, but Lucifer is more interested in a patient who believes that he is God... and knows who Lucifer is, and can heal with a touch.


By Gadfly on May 15, 2017

As Lucifer is wheeled through a mental hospital on a gurney, he tells himself that he's delusional and he's made it all up that he's the Devil. 36 Hours Earlier... Lucifer tells Linda that he's doing great, and Linda points out that God and his ex-wife fighting might cause problems for humanity. He assures her that humanity will "probably" be fine, and admits that he hasn't told Maze because it's a secret plan. Lucifer notes that Maze is focusing on Chloe right now. Chloe is trying to s…

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Episode Discussion

Reem posted a year ago

it's nice episode

VioletSakura posted a year ago

One of the best episodes yet!!!

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