We Can Be Heroes

Livewire escapes prison, but the DEO soon realizes that she wasn't a willing escapee. Meanwhile, Megan collapses and Hank refuses to mind-meld with her to find out what is wrong with her, and James considers telling Kara that he's Guardian.


By Gadfly on Feb 1, 2017

Supergirl and Mon-El train in the DEO room and Supergirl destroys the drone. Another one comes out and Mon-El destroys it. Supergirl ends the simulation and says that Mon-El is ready, but points out that he destroyed one cutout representing an innocent citizen. She reviews that they're supposed to protect innocents over everything, and tells Mon-El that it's time for him to go out. Maggie and her partner find several crooks that guardian captured and take them in. Guardian goes back to th…

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Episode Discussion

pentar posted a year ago

What a stupid, forking episode! When Supergirl first hears that Livewire has escaped, she is frantic to recapture her because she fears Livewire will hurt someone. Then at the end, she freaking lets her go because, "there's still some good in her." WTF???? The last we saw of Livewire she was barbecuing the Doctor. She only stopped because Supergirl was giving her a head start. Nice job, the next innocent that dies is Supergirl's fault.

And Supergirl also said that Livewire could have killed her. Since when is Supergirl vulnerable to electricity? These writers suck.

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