City prosecutor Reed Strucker discovers that his two teenage children Lauren and Andy are mutants... and that the government will stop at nothing to capture them. To save his children, Reed and his wife Caitlin must seek out the mutant underground and obtain their help.


Guest Cast


By Gadfly on Oct 3, 2017

In Atlanta, the police get a report of fugitives and move in. They get a visual on one of the fugitives, Clarice Ferguson. The police continue pursuit and trap her in an alleyway. Clarice concentrates on her hands and summons an energy portal, and steps through it. The police car drives through it as it disappears and they realize that their target has disappeared. At a railyard, three youths check the area and one of them, John Proudstar, tells the other two that Clarice is close. John says…

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Episode Discussion

Chrelle66 posted 6 days ago

Amy Acker, Natalie Alyn Lind, and Emma Dumont. That is a seriously hot cast.

Unfortunately the story seems pretty bland. It is still early though, so hopefully it will pick up.

JuanArango posted 18 days ago

Interesting start, loved the ending!

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