Win, Luthor, Draw

Emily unfortunately endangers the entire division when she's forced to fire one department head. Meanwhile, Ron and Teddy try to give Van superspeed, and aliens from the future invade Charm City.


By Gadfly on Jun 17, 2017

Emily arrives at work and says that she got her first place. She's moved her stuff into her condo, and invites them all to her housewarming. Emily says that they can see it from there, and shows it to them just as an alien ship destroy sit as part of its attack on the city. Later, the news is announcing that a mysterious fleet of alien ships have come through a wormhole. President Luthor has Tweeted that they'll build a wall and make the aliens pay for it. Wayne HQ has been hit, and Bob Black…

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Episode Discussion

hekiv posted 3 months ago

Honestly not surprised this show got canceled, but I'm still pretty upset by it...

tnt posted a year ago

Good episode! Bald Van made my day :)
Such a shame the series was cancelled...

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