After Rip creates a new Time Bureau and disbands the Legends, Ray, Nate, and Sara have difficulty returning to their old lives. When Mick spots Julius Caesar in Aruba, the team decides to get back together to show the Bureau how it's done.



By Gadfly on Oct 12, 2017

After Waverider crashes in LA in 2017, the Legends head down the street. As dinosaurs run amuck, the team argues and Big Ben chimes in the distance. A T-Rex advances on them, and as it charges toward them it disappears into an energy portal. Rip appears and complains that the Legends buggered everything up, and says that his agents are dealing with the anachronisms displaced to 2017. Rip explains that he has been working for five years to create the Time Bureau. His agents are making sure everyo…

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casper1701e posted a year ago

Agent Ava Sharpe is a total snooty bitch...please don't put her w/the rest of the Legends!!

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