Return of the Mack

Nate tracks an outlier anachronism to 1895 London, where a series of mysterious deaths have occurred, apparently caused by a vampire. Rip is already on the scene, and asks the Legends for their help finding the killer... and an ancient evil.


By Gadfly on Nov 11, 2017

In 1895 London, a woman is walking down the streets at night. She sees a man behind her and moves on, and the man comes after her. She draws a knife and orders him to back off, and draws a knfe. The man keeps following her and they come to a corpse. The man--Rip--deduces that the man was killed elsewhere and dropped there, and appears to have been drained of blood. On Waverider, Jax tells Ray that Martin wants off the ship and they need to find a way that Jax can operate as Firestorm separate…

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