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Life Sentence

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By Gadfly on May 18, 2018

Outside the station, Green Arrow takes out the outer guard and goes inside. He tells the desk sergeant that he's not alone, and the rest of the team attacks the police. The police and Diaz's men fight back, and the FBI come in and take out the remaining police. Once the building is clear, the team realizes that Diaz and Anatoly aren't there. Oliver removes his mask and Watson says that they've come to arrangement and the rest of the team has immunity. Watson wonders how Diaz knew they were comin…

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Episode Discussion

SilverSurfer posted a year ago

5/10 More self indulgent blather. Waa waa, I had no choice. Waa waa, I did it for you. Waa waa, I did it for the city. You had lots of choices but the writers wanted to go down another emotional naval gazing path rather than create a real episode. 5/10 because I still like the series, otherwise this would have got a 3 or 4 tops. Get it together writers and pull your heads outa your butts.

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