Les Écorchés

Charlotte and Bernard review Bernard's memories to discover what happened to the missing control unit. Meanwhile, Robert has a chat with Bernard, and Maeve confronts her former tormentor.


By Gadfly on Jun 4, 2018

Bernard is sleeping, a photo of his wife and son in his hand. He wakes up and looks at it, and remembers his dying son. Stubbs comes over and tells him that they need to talk, and says that he doesn't think Strand and his team are there for a rescue mission. He figures that they're there for Delos' "project", and they'll make anyone who knows about it disappear. Stubbs suggests that they get to the main office and call out for help, and as the two of them leave, Strand and two of his armed men c…

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JuanArango posted 7 months ago

Woah, Sone decent body count here :)

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