Episode 8

Elizabeth obtains a tonic designed to induce an early labour, hoping to persuade George that Valentine is his child once and for all - but the Warleggans' rift is plain as they return to Cornwall. Ross returns to Cornwall to mend things with Demelza, realising he killed Adderley because he could not kill Hugh.

Morwenna seeks out Drake and this time Elizabeth does not seek to intervene - but when George returns home to find Morwenna with Elizabeth in Trenwith, he banishes Morwenna from the estate.

Spurred by George's ferocity, Elizabeth takes her potion and a painful labour commences. Dwight is on hand, but when Ross hears of Elizabeth's continuing ailment he rides immediately to Trenwith...

Episode Discussion

LeonKennedy posted 3 months ago

OMG!! By the time Poldark retrurns ( 1 year from now) I will be an alumnus already. It almost feels as if I watched Season 1 yesterday...

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