Everything's Okay

Chloe returns from Europe after processing Lucifer's devil face, and Lucifer is shocked by her reaction. Maze processes what happened between her and Trixie, Amenadiel processes his visit to the Silver City, and Dan processes what happened to Charlotte.


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Starshadow posted 13 days ago

Thanks for the info but that doesn't help me since I don't have Netflix streaming. Guess I'll have to wait until it comes out on DVD next year. Frustrating since it ended with a cliff hanger. Grrr.

JoEmme posted 13 days ago

Lucifer will be aired and available on Netflix. Glad to be part of the voters who didn't want this show to end after the 3rd Season. So, yeah, Starshadow, all 10 episodes of the newest season of Lucifer will be available the SAME day. That's Netflix at its best!

Starshadow posted 13 days ago

So where is Lucifer? Been searching the TV guide screen for days and can't find it listed any where. They're going to show 10 episodes in 1 day? Huh?

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