The U.S. people are shaken by the revelation that the President is an alien. As Supergirl tries to quell the unrest, Nia tells James that he should write an editorial supporting aliens. Meanwhile, Mercy launches an attack on L-Corp to shut down the image inducers and reveal the aliens for who they really are.


By Gadfly on Oct 22, 2018

Protestors gather at the White House, chanting against Marsdin since she's been revealed as an alien. Supergirl enters the Oval Office and asks if resigning is necessary. Marsdin explains that if she stays and fights impeachment, it will only cause more chaos. She tells Supergirl that hiding who she is has taken her toll, and Supergirl promises to stop Mercy. Marsdin tells her to be the beacon of hope that the world needs. Outside, the two factions of protestors charge at each other. A van go…

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