Man of Steel

While the DEO try to save Supergirl's life, the events leading up to the creation of Agent Liberty are shown.


By Gadfly on Oct 29, 2018

At the DEO, a Kryptonite contamination alarm goes off. Alex tries to contact Supergirl, and Brainiac-5 says that it's everywhere. At the rally hall, Hank starts to approach Agent Liberty. He's interrupted when Alex calls and explains that she lost contact with Supergirl. He flies off to find Supergirl, and Brainiac-5 locates her falling and warns that the impact will kill her in her weakened state. J'onn catches her just in time and takes her to the DEO. When J'onn gets to the DEO, he says…

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Episode Discussion

casper1701e posted 6 months ago

Complete waste of time showing this episode in the order in which they did, not to mention, boring as hell.

cb1l187 posted 7 months ago

such a pity, a good show gone

cb1l187 posted 7 months ago


cb1l187 posted 7 months ago

What a bad episode, I'm

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