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Hey, World!

Constantine and Nora try to rescue Ray's soul from Hell, and discover that he's made a new friend. The Legends pose as three more publicly-known superheroes to bring people to Nate's Heyworld so they can defeat Neron's plan to generate enough fear to open the gates of Hell. Nate and Zari are both forced to make ultimate sacrifices if the plan is to succeed.

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By Gadfly on May 21, 2019

Sara makes her way through Waverider, dodging the magical refugees. Mick is drinking with the ogres in the mess room, and Gary comes in and tries to corral the ogre into the lab. Nate assures Zari that she's not a horrible mother just because she lost the dragon egg. Ava tells her that they need to get the dragon before Neron grabs it. Tabitha confronts Charlie in her cell and tells her that she's more than a shape-shifter and they both know what Charlie is capable of. She reminds Charlie…

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Episode Discussion

gmpugs posted a year ago

I have to admit, it was rather funny to see Vandal Savage so nice in this episode. Considering how evil he was in the first season.

Zlogorek posted a year ago

⠀ "Burn her. Burn them all." :)

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