Twenty-four-year-old Kara Zor-El, cousin of Superman, who was taken in by the Danvers family when she was 12 after being sent away from Krypton, must learn to embrace her powers after previously hiding them.


By Gadfly on Sep 13, 2015

The Past Twenty-four years ago on the planet Krypton, the infant Kal-El is sent to Earth. Meanwhile, Lara and Zor-El send their 13-year-old daughter Kara-El--Kal-El's cousin--to protect her infant cousin. Lara explains that she will sleep in suspended animation and wake up on Earth. Because of Earth's yellow sun, Kara will have great powers and do extraordinary things. Kara promises that she won't fail Kal or Lara, and Lara gives her daughter her necklace as a keepsake. The planet shakes and…

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MiriamEnglish posted 2 years ago

I watched the pilot episode today. Not sure why everybody is dumping so badly on this. I loved the Supergirl comics when I was a kid. Sure, this TV series is different. It is updated to the 21st Century to prevent it being old-hat. What amazes me is that even bringing it up to date it somehow retains the innocence of the original comix. Melissa Benoist does a great job of being the pure of heart Supergirl without coming off all cheesy. That in itself is an extraordinary, almost impossible feat. It is great that her character isn't a tough masculine woman as so many female heroes are portrayed. Women don't have to be soft kittens, but they don't have to be hard as nails either. This portrayal works nicely, I think.

Mehcad Brooks as James Olsen does a very good job too. I liked the idea of having a more confident Jimmy who has grown under his friendship with Superman. That's what would happen. Who the heck cares if he is black? I thought people were past race in the 21st Century. It's so annoying that people are still hung up about how much melanin is in someone's skin. I also like that she has two male admirers. Male superheroes often have two female interests. This is a nice twist.

Calista Flockhart as Cat Grant, the editor, plays her part in a fresh way too. Making her tough in a different way from the usual male Perry White kind of blustering shouting character works really well. She somehow gets the viewer to not like her, yet respect her. Good job.

I say give it a chance. It might develop complexity as the writers grow into the show. I just hope they resist the temptation to darken the Supergirl character.

JAGUARDOG posted 3 years ago

I finally had a chance to see this pilot on line yesterday and what a waste of my time. I am not impressed with this show at all mostly because of all the differences. The Flash is 10 times better, better story lines, better heroes and villains and better actors. I hate how in the very 1st episode so many people know/find out her identity that was very stupid and I hate it! SilverSurfer I agree with you 100 % what a dumb ass twist making an icon like Jimmy Olsen Black and not being a small nerdy guy! They screwed that up just like the people in charge screwed up The Human Torch in the new Fantastic Four. No one would ever believe he and Sue Storm were bother and sister like in the comics. It's bad enough that they made him Black when he is really white in the comics. If he had been Black in the comics I would be okay with that part.

I might tend to give the pilot a 6 out of 10 but that's stretching it based on the action/fight scenes. I may try it again on-line later in the season to give it one more chance but for now no way Jose!

CBS get with the plan next time on these type of shows if you plan on any in the future and especially on your Star Trek remake due out in 2017. If you mess that up there will be millions of trekkies down on you so badly that you will wish that you hadn't tried to redo the Star Trek Universe from scratch!

SilverSurfer posted 3 years ago

Jimmy Olsen is a pale, geeky, fair haired white lad not a hunky black dude. Why keep changing these characters when it would have been just as easy to create a new one with this guy and all would be fine ... heck even make him Tim(my) Olsen, Jimmy's cousin ... I don't care just stop fiddling with the past and make a new future instead.

Kanis posted 3 years ago

Looking forward to this as well. I hope the general public gives it a break because it has potential to stand out in the genre. The cast is good, but will depend on the writting. In all honesty I will probably watch it is it is just 'ok' but I hope they dig through the lore that is already out there and put out a good show.

cairns1986 posted 3 years ago

Looking forward to this, even if the pilot was already leaked haha

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