Final Girl

Jingles' son comes to Redwood looking for closure, and learns the fate of his father and his victims.



By Gadfly on Nov 14, 2019

At the remains of an old camp, an Uber driver arrives at the overgrown road and asks his passenger if it's where he wants to go. The passenger, Bobby, says that Camp Redwood must be up ahead and advances on foot. Bobby continues up the overgrown road and past the gate, and looks at the tattered remains of the 1989 musical festival. As he takes photos of the place on his phone, Montana appears and asks what the phone is. Bobby lets her see it and she asks what year it is, and he says that it's 20…

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Episode Discussion

RoseRed posted 7 days ago

I am pathetic! Actually teared up watching the final scene.

Gislef posted 7 days ago

TVMaze's review is up:

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