Deathstroke recruits the first member of his new team to help him find the Titans' weaknesses and determine their strategy. Jason has issues with Dick, Donna, Hank, and Dawn return to Titans Tower, and Kory spends time with a friend from her home planet.


By Gadfly on Sep 21, 2019

Jason and Gar show Dick and Rachel the DNA scan confirming that Slade is Rose's father. Dick says that Slade is old Titans business, and Rachel has no idea who he is. Gar reads Slade's file, which notes that he is the only one who survived the military's bioenhancement experiments. Slade supposedly retired years ago after the death of his son Jericho, and Dick says that he'll take it from there. The security alert goes off as Donna, Dawn, and Hank arrive. The trio enter Titans Tower and the o…

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