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Cello Squirrel Daffodil

Penny and Plum travel, not only through space, but time. The not-dead Dark King uses Eliot's body to reassure a long lost love he's not been forgotten. Margo enlists the inept Gordy the Vet to rid Plover of the Tongue Twister curse. Alice and Kady use a Poison room spellbook to consider creating a new Moon.

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Episode Discussion

Calero posted 24 days ago

Fen during "storytime", priceless! 

And now we shall commence the weekly 'Margo is awesome' fanclub meeting:

[Reads minutes from previous meeting] "Margo is awesome".

[Inquires as to new business] All present state that Margo was, and I quote,"exceptionally awesome", the records shall so reflect.

[Members polled on Margo Moment of the week] "SEAL team B***h" wins unanimously.

[Members address the cancellation news and the meeting concludes tearfully(but with manly tears,obviously)]

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