Deathstroke offers Robin for Rose, and the Titans are torn apart deciding what to do. Gar confirms that Rachel's powers are growing beyond her control.


By Gadfly on Oct 5, 2019

22 Minutes Since Abduction... Robin wakes up to find himself being dragged down a corridor. Later he finds himself strung by his arms in the middle of a makeshift base. Dr. Light absorbs power from a light bulb, and Robin taunts him over his name. The villain comes over and tells him to shut up, and Robin kicks him, spins him around, and gets him in a chokehold with his legs. Once Dr. Light is unconscious, Robin dislocates his thumbs to escape and heads for the stairway... only to find Deaths…

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Episode Discussion

Gislef posted 9 days ago

You can find the TVMaze review of the episode here.

RoseRed posted 11 days ago

I keep expecting to hear Manu Bennett's voice.

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