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Being Harley Quinn

Harley is forced to make a decision on her own and suffers level-four brain freeze. To save her, Dr. Psycho takes the crew into Harley's mind to reboot it. Meanwhile Sy teams up with his old spy partner to dispose of the comatose crew members.

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By Gadfly on Dec 28, 2019

A realtor shows Harley and Ivy a prospective volcano lair. Harley wonders if the giant skull is too flashy for her brand, and Ivy asks to see some other options. Next is an empty field with a network of tunnels underneath, and then a frozen fun castle. The realtor complains that Harley can't decide, and they discuss it out of the cold. Later at Ivy's apartment, the realtor says that a lair has to reflect the villain owner. She wonders who Harley is, and Psycho, Clayface, and King Shark come i…

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Episode Discussion

MarvinDease posted a month ago

In Harley's Museum of Memories you can see a picture of her family in the background. They look a lot like Al Bundy's family in Married With Children. They even have the couch and stairs in the background. See picture in link.

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