The Magician's Apprentice

On modern-day Earth, planes freeze in the sky, locked in the time. UNIT turns to Clara for help, and they soon discover the person responsible: Missy, back from the dead. Missy wants their help on a unique quest: find the Doctor.


By Gadfly on Sep 20, 2015

Soldiers run across a field as World War I planes strafe them. One soldier, Kanzo,prepares to shoot back with a bow and arrow, but his target flies out of sight. He turns to see a young boy running away. By the time his comrade joins him, the boy has disappeared into the mist. Kanzo runs after him and yells at the boy to stop. His comrade warns that the enemy is coming, and Kanzo says that he'll catch up. The ground ripples between them and Kanzo scans the area, telling the boy to stand absolute…

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drosso46561 posted 2 years ago

Of interest to Doctor Who fans, the Dalek's used in this episode were from every Doctor's series from the 1960s to present day Doctors. You can see the wide range of Dalek types once you know what to look for when they are all together.

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