The Witch's Familiar

On Skaro, Davros asks the captive Doctor for one last favor before his death. Meanwhile, Clara and Missy attempt reenter the Dalek city.



By Gadfly on Sep 27, 2015

Clara wakes up and finds herself dangling upside down from a rock pillar. Missy is seated nearby, and Clara realizes that they're in the desert outside of the Dalek city. The Time Lord sharpens a stick and talks about a time that the Doctor was alone and being stalked by fifty invisible android assassins. She asks Clara how he survived, and she figures he used a teleport bracelet the Doctor stole from the androids, and used their energy discharges to teleport away. Clara realizes that's how Miss…

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Episode Discussion

zutroy posted 2 years ago

This was an amazing episode! I love seen the Doctor and Davros each trying to be more clever than the other.

Hanii posted 2 years ago

A great start to the series as always with Doctor Who

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