Alex is on the run and must outsmart Liam and his team to get into her apartment for anything that could help clear her name. Meanwhile, in a flashback to Quantico training, the NATS are tasked with finding a needle in a haystack while looking for potential threats to national security.

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Episode Discussion

cobraa posted 2 years ago

im not fussed on this jumping back and forth all the time...

MrCorleone posted 2 years ago

Not as good as I expected

Thomas posted 2 years ago

I actually think it is a good thing to jump back and forwards. It keeps it interesting in my opinion, but so far it is one of the better shows airing this fall.

JuanArango posted 2 years ago

I actually like the going back and forth and i absolutely agree that this is a good show :)

gjuniorX posted 2 years ago

Good show that will keep you guessing,but getting tired of these shows jumping back & forth in different time frames just as your getting into whats happening in the present,were thrown back to when they started training & then back to present..Ughhh!!

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