Emma discovers how Merlin was imprisoned in a tree, and must take drastic steps to acquire the one necessary ingredient... steps that will lead her into darkness. Meanwhile, in the current Storybrooke, the townspeople decide to have a block party to lift everyone's hopes. Henry turns to Emma for help find Violet's missing horse, and Regina and the others learn that Emma has Excalibur.


By Gadfly on Oct 26, 2015

Camelot – Many Years Ago Merlin goes out into the woods to confront the Dark One, wielding the Dagger and ordering him to step forward. The masked figures appears to Merlin and the wizard says that the Dark One killed the only woman he ever loved. Merlin prepares to kill the Dark One, but then hesitates. The Dark One grabs the Dagger and puts it to Merlin's throat, and he says that he misses her. Placing the Dagger to Merlin's tear, the Dark One takes a single tear and then transforms Merlin…

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