The Bear and the Bow

Six weeks earlier, Belle travels with Merida to help her defeat the clans and rescue her brothers. In the present, Emma continues her efforts to turn Gold into a hero by forcing Merida to threaten Belle's life. When the couple try to leave Storybrooke, Merida transforms into a bear and attacks Belle. Meanwhile, the others discover that Arthur is lying to them.



By Gadfly on Nov 2, 2015

Six Weeks Ago Hook and David break into a dungeon beneath Camelot and knock out the guards. Merlin comes in and takes out the last few, and Belle joins them. More guards go past and the intruders go to the cell holding Lancelot and explain that David and Mary Margaret are no longer under Arthur's spell. Merida asks them if they're to free her as well, and they agree to release her. Merlin discovers that the bars are enchanted with magic, preventing him from breaking them. Belle finds a counte…

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