Pilot, Part 1

Rip Hunter, Time Master, assembles a team of heroes and villains from the year 2016 to battle Vandal Savage, who has conquered Earth in the year 2166. To stop Vandal, they must travel throughout the villain's timeline and stop him from amassing enough power to become a world-conquering tyrant. First stop: 1975 and a meeting with the academic who knows the most about Vandal.

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Episode Discussion

Raven_Sirius posted 2 years ago

It's interesting to read over the supposition and guessing, now season one is over and revealed... Will the reall Kronos please just go steal something :)

gmpugs posted 2 years ago

I finally got around to watching this episode, it was great! There was quite a few humorous part that I liked as well. :)

JAGUARDOG posted 2 years ago

Thanks gjuniorX I appreciate you verifying I am not totally crazy only partially! I guess we wait until we find his real name to add him in? I'm watching the repeat of this episode now!

gjuniorX posted 2 years ago

JAGUARDOG you are correct Kronos was the character that was a Bounty Hunter sent by the council to capture Rip,I am thinking he may have been played by T.Michael Morris who's role was unaccredited,but is to appear in 2 episodes that I can see. This first episode was great I really enjoy this show already can't wait for episode 2 :)

JuanArango posted 2 years ago

Pretty fun start, will definitely continue to watch :)

JAGUARDOG posted 2 years ago

Nevermind about Madison Smith I found out he is a guy and saved his photo here? Still wondering about the Bad Guy was his name Kronos? I can't find anyone on IMDB that could be that person?

JAGUARDOG posted 2 years ago

ok, sorry my Bad used IMDB and should't have. Also 1 other person is missing the Big guy in the Black suit I think they called him Kronos?

Who is Madison Smith anyways? If it is a female then Frat Dude does not fit it should be Dudette maybe but not Dude if they are a female!

Gadfly posted 2 years ago

Terrorist and Council Member #2 were in the episode though.

Gadfly posted 2 years ago

According to the edit logs, Jaguardog, you added them on 10/24/15.

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